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Free eBook and Breathing Course

Breatheology is now donating the course and the bestselling eBook

  • Online Breath Training Course
  • “Breatheology – The Art of Conscious Breathing”

Start strengthening your respiratory muscles and build up your immune system.

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Gratis ebog og åndedrætskursus

Få dit gratis åndedrætskursus og din gratis version af Stig Severinsen bog: “Træk Vejret – mere energi – mindre stressher.

Breatheology takker Gyldendal for samarbejdet om at gøre denne PDF version gratis tilgængelig til alle danskere.

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Strengthen Health

Build-up your immune system, raise your daily energy, learn to “relax on demand” and recover from illness faster.

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Improve Stress Resilience

Alleviate stress with revitalizing breathing and visualization techniques for improved mental toughness.

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Optimize Performance

Reach your athletic and personal goals with a proven combination of visualization, meditation and targeted breath training.

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